About OPD

Founded in 2011, OnePiece Developments Inc. (OPD) is a multi-platform real estate development and capital financing company mainly focused on the Canadian and Asian markets.

Real Estate Development

On the Real Estate Development side, the company has exponentially grow year over year since its formation by successfully acquiring undervalued commercial and residential real estate properties in Canadian Markets and realizing their full potential.

Corporate Financial

On the Corporate Finance side, the company utilizes its expertise in identifying and balancing risk to maximize profitability and value. By employing their unique management style, OPD targets projects with specific criteria that fit into their larger financial model and business plan. This has repeatedly resulted in success worldwide, from North America to Asia and between. This global success has the added benefit of being able to leverage expertise and experience from a variety of sources.

Together, these two parts form a cohesive whole that is OnePiece, essentially being two sides of the same coin, and an integral part of a larger picture. As of 2016, OnePiece managed an impressive portfolio of over 3 Billion USD.



Mission Statement


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Bin Fu

Chief Financial Officer

Elver Pippo

VP of Operation

Jim Stinson

Construction Director

Adam Liu

Project Manager

Michael Walker

Planning Manager

Grace Zhang

Assitant Controller